Some Days are Good

Well, today was good in some aspect and others it was tough.,

I was able to work making products for my business today.  I make teaching products and I was able to get about ten pages (worksheet pages) done on Scotland.  I make products about countries.

But there are times when I feel like I’m asleep when I’m awake. It’s like thoughts drift through my head. At those times I feel excessively tired.  I am not sure if this is my FND or my migraines.  These scare me to an extent and i need to learn to practice radical acceptance and accept what they are.  This has been a very difficult things for me.

After Seiya got home from work, we went walking.  We were going to join a walking group in our town, but there were dogs there and I have a phobia of dogs.  A few months ago, Seiya took me on a walk and didn’t realize he was taking me to a dog park.  I was terrified.

Anyway, we decided to go on our own walk. We went to a local park. I felt funny and had a bad headache as I walked, but when you have a chronic illness you learn to live life with it.  But it’s also sometimes hard to know when you need to rest and when you need to push yourself.  I decided to push myself because after we walked we went to the grocery store. I don’t like the grocery store – especially Market Basket. It’s always so crowded and the lights reflect off the floor.

We ran into good friends of ours that I hadn’t seen in awhile though they only live a mile away.  It felt like it was unreal seeing them but that’s one of the most common symptoms of Functional Neurological Disorder.

So today had it’s ups and downs.

If you want to know more about FND, you can go to this website.  It’s a very bizarre illness.