Too Much of a Good Thing

So as I wrote yesterday, I volunteered most of the day yesterday.  I was good to get out into the community.  Today we got up really early and went to my sister, Katie’s to baby-sit my niece.  My niece is my pride and joy.   I had made a structured schedule so that we did crafts, listened to music, ate lunch and snacks and went to the playground.

In all, we walked three miles today. By the end I was highly symptomatic and came home and slept for an hour. By symptomatic – I mean that my body had weird sensations, my left side felt numb and tingling while my right didn’t.  I was exhausted. My body always feels so strange and these are common symptoms of FND.  It’s only 8:30 and I’m eyeing the clock – usually I like to stay up fairly late.






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