The Cruel thing the Chronically Ill Do To One Another

Yesterday, there was a heated discussion in a forum about how not everyone’s pain was the same. Some people were accusing other people of complaining about pain that really want all that bad and it reminded me of a story I had heard about two best friends: A and B.

A had been verbally abused growing up. Her parents had called her ‘fat’ and ‘worthless’ To even talk to her father,  she had to catch him on a good day.

This annoyed her best friend B. B had witnessed her mother be physically abused.  She had been in and out of foster care homes and eventually was raised by her aunt and uncle who provided a calm,  but emotionally distant home.

B thought,  ‘I would love to have had A ‘ s life. How can she complain? ‘

It caused a riff began the two girls.  Eventually the parted ways.

A few years later, B ran into a good friend who asked how A was. B told her friend about how she had grown sick of hearing A complain about her life.  It had been easy in comparison to her own.

To which the friend responded, “But her life was hard too. The point isn’t about who had a harder life. You both were in pain and could have been a support for one another.”


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