The Fire

Friday night there was a fire at the camp where S and I are getting married. The building was a dormitory.  The building was over 250 years old.  It is not one we would be using for the wedding.  And thankfully the wedding is more than 22 months away. 

However, it delays getting a jump start on nailing down some of the big picture items for the wedding.  We were planning on going to meet with the camp,  but we need to be on their back burner right now which is completely understandable.

My Botox is starting to wear off which is unfortunate.  It makes me wonder if this will work for me. I have only had about two weeks of complete relief.  Though I have heard it can take up to three rounds to be in full effect.

I have had a migraine for five days. I woke up this morning with this sheer feeling of’Blah.’ I attempted to get back to sleep,  but it didn’t work.

Unfortunately,  S’ s leg is still quite swollen and I have to do the grocery shopping and get my meds today.  As I don’t drive, this requires quite a bit of walking.  I woke up with only half a spoon today and now I have about three.  I also need to cook us dinner tonight.


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