The Accident

I was walking across the parking lot at my sister’s baby shower  talking to Little S (my niece) and N (her sister) thinking to myself, ‘I haven’t felt this good in awhile. ‘

I felt so good that I started playing on the playground with Little  S and N. I was climbing on a wall with holes between two platforms when I thought, ‘Maybe this is a bad idea. ‘ so I got off.

Little S asked me why I got off the wall.  I said my feet were too big. She laughed,  “My feet are bigger than yours (she’s 9 but has bigger feet than me and is almost as tall as me). You mean your feet are fat.”

I started laughing. And as I did, I stepped back and fell off the platform landing on my back with a crack.  I then fell forward and slammed my head on the pole.

It hurt, but I had to shake it off (Taylor Swift is now playing in my head) Didn’t want my nieces to know that it hurt.

Yesterday night I was achy,  but I went to physical therapy and I am okay. Sore, and bruised but nothing more. The physical therapist thinks I just cracked my back like she does. 

I would say that I am in a good stretch if it weren’t for the fact I had quite a big IBS flare up last Friday night.  I couldn’t enjoy most of the yummy food at the shower Sunday.  I ate some fruit, vegetables,  pita chips and shared a cupcake with S (my fiance).

On Saturday, I ate only grains (which don’t bother me) and replenished with Powerade. I wouldn’t recommend grains for most people with IBS after a flare up, but I would recommend eating something bland that is safe and fairly easy to digest for them.  Maybe soup or rice.

Today I was able to finally return to eating normal.  Most of what I ate was FODMAP friendly. 


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