Another Tip for Going to the Doctor

Last night I read S., my fiance,  the tips for going to the doctors.  He said I had forgotten an important tip – bring a second person. I decided that it was too important to simply tagged on to the previous blog post.

Here are several reasons to bring someone with you to your doctor’s appointment:

1. Company.  Not just because it is boring in the waiting room and waiting for the doctor in the room,  but because it can distract you if you are at all anxious.
2. Sounding board. It is great to talk to someone about what the doctor said. You may need to grapple decisions about what procedure to have or which med may be best for you.
3. Support. Recently I went in for Botox injections for migraines.  I was nervous.  It was great to have S. there to hold my hand as they put 30 needles in my face, neck and shoulders.
4. Reinforcement.  Maybe you are having a hard time articulating yourself.  Maybe your doctor seems oblivious to your wants without meaning to be. Maybe, like me, you think of all the good questions after you leave.  It’s good to have someone to reinforce your wants and needs. 
5. Witness. Sometimes it helps for a doctor to hear how drastically your illness is affecting you.  Hearing someone say they see it as well helps testify your case so doctors know that it’s very likely not psychosomatic.
6. Required. Sometimes a doctor’s visit will require someone else to drive you home especially of you have a procedure done or your eyes are affected.

Tomorrow S. has a doctor’s appointment for his knee. It’s not getting better.  I was hoping to accompany him.  Unfortunately,  I have PT.  I often cancel due to my IBS so I shouldn’t cancel tomorrow.


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