Not Me This Time

Tomorrow I am going to the doctor at 10am.  But it’s not for me this time.  Something is wrong with S.’s leg. It is swollen and hurts. He’s been limping around here all day.  Felt bad for the guy though I love to tease him.

I didn’t sleep well last night and will be heading to bed as soon as I finish writing.  I fell asleep at 2am and was up at 4am.  Not sure why I’ve been unable to sleep well lately, but I do predict a fairly restful sleep tonight.  Perhaps part of my problem is I LOVE to curl up on my side to sleep.  However, when I do my lower back really hurts.  So I try to go back to my back, but to fall asleep I again roll onto my side.  You may think that I should just sleep on my back then.  Well, with sleep apnea it’s recommended I sleep on my side   With my machine it’s less of a problem, but more of an old habit and one that was reinforced with the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

I never gave the position that I sleep in much thought until I was diagnosed with apnea and even then it wasn’t until this spring when my lower back started having pain that it was something I really had to consider.

Here’s a link to the pros and cons of various sleep positions


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