Chronic Illness and the Heat

It’s October but it was hot today.  Perhaps I should wait for summer to post on this topic, but I think I better talk about it while I remember. 

Some people live for the summer. The love the hot days of summer, sweating as they bask in the hot sun.  I have never been one of those people.  As far back as I can remember,  I have lived fall and I am pretty sure this love was born from the mere fact summer was over.

Even when it meant back to school, I really didn’t mind. 

Now as I am chronically ill, this hate for heat has grown. This 80 degree day in October today was not welcome. To some in the south, this is not that hot,  but there’s a reason I don’t live in the south.  Heat is on the top of that list.

Heat especially effects the chronically ill because they don’t always sense the heat and because of meds. One of my meds made it so bad this summer that I kept overheating and I would be teaching and my student would all say they were cold and wanted to turn the fan off and I would be dripping in sweat.

So for those who are chronically ill (or just hate the heat) here are tips to beat the heat:

– Drink plenty of water and drink often.  Don’t wait to be thirsty.
– Don’t use the stove or oven to cook
– Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing
– Take cool showers or baths to cool down

If it’s really hot

– Adhere any advice or emergency warnings on the news.
– Have someone check in on you.

If you are carrying for someone with a chronic illness make sure of three things:

1. Are they drinking enough water?
2. Do they have access to air conditioning? 
3. Do they know how to keep cool and can they take all precautions independently?

I know….I know. 80 degrees is not bad,  but it was especially muggy.


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