The Apple Pickin’ Days of Fall

Finally starting to fight off this cold. Felt well enough to go apple picking today.  We went to a place fairly far from where we live (about an hour) When we got there we realized we’d been there before.

I like to do things kind of “willy nilly” and lax.  S. is much more systematic and intense which is always an ongoing balancing act for us.  We went out to pick a peck.  By the end,  I had him run down rows without me as I was tired out.  I hate being frail.   But I also have limitations and have to accept that 😦

Not too long ago I was reading through what happened to me on this day a year ago. And I walked 8 miles one day.  I want to do that again. I have hope.

I actually went out last night too. S. and I went out to see the “blood moon” down on the beach. 

I haven’t felt perfect, but I have been able to go out which is nice. 


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