Sick on Top of Sick

It’s hard being chronically ill. But it is even harder when you feel sick on top of it. Not to gross out my male (which really it shouldn’t),  but it’s similar to having a child during your period. It’s miserable.  It feels like every part of your body hurts in some way or another. 

S. felt sick yesterday.  He slept until noon yesterday and then napped 5 – 7 and was wanting to go to bed at 10pm. Lucky him. I, however,  couldn’t sleep. I was awake at 8am. Couldn’t nap.  And only slept last night with the assistance of melatonin. Soon I will write a blog about how to fall asleep.

It was sad yesterday because we had planned on going apple picking.  S. and I love going every year.  Its getting to the end of apple picking season.  And if I didn’t feel bummed enough my roommate came home with apples and treats from apple picking with her boyfriend 😦  S says we’ll go apple picking later this week and then go down to Hartford and make apple pie with two of our good friends. 

I always get nervous making plans with other people that I am going to be feeling miserably.  I really hope not. I also have a game night next weekend with my work friends.


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