God isn’t Done with Me!

Sometimes my health issues make me feel useless.  I struggle to be a good girlfriend, family member or friend nevermind work and be a productive member of society.  But I believe there is a reason for everything.  God is not done with me!

I used to be quite a bit more religious.  I went to seminary for a year, but the acceptance I he found outside church has far exceeded the love I have often found in the church. That is not to say I haven’t found wonderful people in the church.  S. and I met with a pastor every other week to talk about our relationship and I am not against going back to church if and when I find the right church.  But my belief that things happen for a reason has never been shaken.

And this week I have learned God’s plan for me.  I am going to be teaching ESL online for a company that is involved in educating many people,  but most notably Brazilians for the 2016 Olympics. I am excited to be part of a historical event and to be back in a diverse classroom.  I need to be strict on my diet and sleep so I can stay healthy.  By healthy I mean able to work. 


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