Starting to Look Up

S. is at an interview right now!  It’s not a career type job, but right now any job is better than no job.  It’s shopping and delivering groceries through a company called Instacart.  We saw an ad on a bus a few weeks ago and decided to give it a whirl. He may also start driving for Uber, but that’s tentative.  I also got a job teaching ESL on-line for an American company called EF.  It seems the hours and pay are a little more consistent which will be nice, but low enough that I can keep applying for disability.

Things are also starting to look up health-wise.  When my neurologist told me that sticking 30 shots in my face would help relieve my migraines I was skeptical.  I mean the idea alone of the procedure caused me pain.  The first few days were quite rough.  I had intense dizziness and shocks to my head.  I felt run down and awful.  However, I am starting to benefit from the procedure.  If I knew how this med would be working in three weeks when it starts to taper off and didn’t have some shocks to my head and had more confidence that this sense of well-being would last I would consider going back to work.  Maybe in about 3 to 6 months this will be a possibility.  We’ll see.  Seiya and I are also not 100% confident where we’ll be at that time as he applies for jobs all over New England.


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