Good Things

Yesterday I was feeling rotten. It felt like I had taken so many steps back, but today things are quite a bit better.  I don’t know what made the difference,but it was better.  I wasn’t so hopeful when I woke up this morning.  It felt like I’d been sleeping for years and was going to need to wake up slowly, but only had a half hour before I needed to start classes. S was cuddly which I usually like (or even insist upon), but I didn’t want him near me.  I was groggy and cranky.  However, I had to shake it off before class and I did. And it never came back.

I didn’t have a migraine today.  Woohoo!  There was minimal dizziness.  Even my physical therapist said that my shoulders were quite relaxed today and there was good movement in my back.  She was able to get a crack in my back which was great as well.

S always wants to go on walks.  I am never feeling up for it.  But today I was.  We didn’t walk very far. We went to a state park walked a loop by the water.  My stomach has been doing quite a bit better since getting off the Prilosec.I even dared to have a cupcake today from my favorite cupcake store ever.  And it didn’t have any bad effects.

Being chronically ill I have to take advantage of the times I feel well in regards to activity level.  S. really feels loved with “Acts of Service”  and “Quality Time.”  So going on a walk with him tonight was really important.  This also happens with housework (I hate housework, but it’s important to him.)  It’s funny how as a child you think that when you are an adult you will make your own rules. I’m sure as a child I figured I’d get a maid or not clean.  And this work alright when you are single, but then you meet someone else who grew up and made their own rules and somehow you need to make the two sets of rules jive.  Being chronically ill puts another challenge on this, but if I take advantage of the times I feel well I am doing my best and that’s all that can be asked of me.  I am so lucky that he is understanding. I hear a lot about spouses/partners who don’t understand and I can’t even fathom how awful that’d be. I’m a lucky girl.


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