A Week After Botox

A little over a week ago, I opted to have Botox injections in my face.  I had heard the risk was small and the chance of great results was high.  Sadly this has not been a success story. I have swelling behind my ear and that goes up to my temple and down to my jaw.  It hurts. In addition, my migraines are worse – worse than I have ever had them.

In addition, the doctor says my stomach is likely not just IBS. She thinks I have a rare condition where gallstones have formed in the duct or H. Pylori. H. Pylori is an illness where you form ulcers.  I have been tested before and need to be tested again. 

I have a busy weekend ahead. I am really hoping I can follow-through on my plans.  We are seeing a friend we haven’t seen in years tomorrow.  Then we have the Heart Walk Saturday followed by getting my computer fixed.  Then Sunday we have lunch with my grandmother and aunt followed by moving. 

Not to be ‘whoa is me!’ I hate that mentality,  but ‘Whoa is me!’  I can let myself feel this way every so often as long as I get back up and fight as soon as I can.


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