Only Can Go Up From Here

Last Thursday I mentioned that Seiya called me and dropped a bomb. Well, now I am at liberty to say. Seiya lost his job. It had not been a good fit and he’d been trying to find other work,  but had been too busy with his job to apply much.

Then this morning I had another little bomb dropped on me. I had been teaching what had been a full schedule, but when I looked at my schedule today my numbers were greatly reduced. I only had 3 out of 10 slots with students.  I think this is because I had to call out so many times last week.  

I felt so bored today.  Not exactly sure what to do with my time.  So happy that tomorrow I will get to go over to visit my “bestie” as long as my body cooperates. I had a very tiny fever today 99.5. If it is at all above normal tomorrow,  I won’t go because she has a baby. Her baby is only about 2 months old.

Soon I will be helping to take care of a little one too.  My baby sister (she’s 27 now) is having a baby. 


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