“Us” Time

There have been so many changes in Seiya and my life lately and more changes to come.  So it was nice today to take a breather and just enjoy the day together.

At points during the day,  I was far from feeling well. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take before I was going to have to go home. But nonetheless I had a good day.

We went up to Salem to visit The Witch Museum. As a Massachusetts native with ancestral ties to the Salem Witch Trials and a historiphile (my ancestor,  Andrew Eliot, was a juror.) I knew the story quite well. It was interesting to hear more about it and see that history come to life.  We doesn’t about three hours there and then made a quick stop at Michaels and headed home.

After eating some dinner,  I was feeling quite well and biked five miles on the stationary bike at an extremely slow pace. 

The Botox has had minimal effect. I have had wrinkles in my forehead when I open my eyes wide since I was a kid. Those are gone.  But that was not the goal.  I think my headache is a little less than it may have been idealizing,  but that’s what was making things so difficult today – a migraine with nausea and dizziness. But I have heard it takes 3 or 4  treatments to fully work. I don’t understand people who have Botox injections for cosmetic reasons.  I hate the idea of injecting poison in my face,  but I want my life back. 


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