Party Pooper

Tonight Seiya and I decided to go visit his previous roommate, the one he’d been living with until last week.  I felt pretty good when we headed over.  It is about a half hour away from where we live now.

However, not long before getting there cramps and stomach pain set in. I promptly took a med and prayed the pain would go. Sadly,  I wasnt so fortunate and within a half hour was whimpering in the bathroom. 

Lately I have been reading about pain that one may experience after gallbladder surgery and been wondering if that has been my problem and not simply IBS.

A few years ago, my doctor discovered I had small grit in my galbladder and decided I should have my galbladder removed.  I had some digestive issues as well.

The surgery was pretty good – uneventful – minus some serious gas pains afterward.

I had read online many people experience severe diarrhea after surgery.  I was sure I was going to have this with my extensive history with IBS. But surprisingly I did not… until I got off of a medication. 

Perhaps the funniest story from that time was I went to give a presentation at a small church about a recent trip I had taken to work at a children’s home for Native Americans in Oklahoma. Everyone was finishing up dinner and I was about to present when I suddenly had severe stomach issues and needed the bathroom.  The only bathroom was right off the small room where everyone was gathered.  They were all waiting outside the door for me.

Over time,  my stomach got better, but it’s never been great.  I get diarrhea much more frequently and stomach pains to go along with it.  It’s awful. 

So I was recently reading about how some people never fully recover from post surgery diarrhea, have low acid production which causes pain or develop stones in the duct.  I may want to at least mention these to my doctor though these are rare.

Anyway, we had to leave the party at Seiya’s roommates house and come home to crash. Always fun. Better luck next time.


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