The Scoop on Poop: What the Crap Should Look Like

Not only do I want to relay what it’s like to live with a chronic illness such as IBS, but I think it’s important to get some information out there about the illnesses.  When giving information, I will be either referring to the book, “Digestive Health with REAL Food.” or “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating with IBS.”  I will also be backing some of this up with valuable links.

I’ve occasionally heard people say to someone that has left the bathroom, “Did everything come out okay?”

Not sure why this has ever been uttered as they person asking rarely wants a legit answer.

But this makes me wonder how one would know if there poop was a good one or not.  So I refer to Digestive Health with REAL Food to get the “scoop on poop”

How often should you poop?

According to the book, you should be pooping one to three times daily.  Personally, if I were pooping three times daily I would find that quite obnoxious.  Personally, I think once a day to once every other day seems healthier, but I’m not the expert the book is.

What should your poop look like?

As an IBS sufferer, I have become quite familiar with this chart.  The fact I know it’s called the Bristol Stool chart is a bit disconcerting…lol.

Your poop should look like 3 or 4.

How hard should it be to poop?

You shouldn’t need to run to the bathroom.  Nor should you have to sit on the toilet and concentrate on pooping.  “If you feel like you are giving birth every time you have a bowel movement, something isn’t right!”  And when you are done, you should feel done.  I dream of that feeling.

Here are some common problems with poop:

Fatty stools – Your poop should sink and it shouldn’t stink (stink really bad) Nor should you poop be white or pale.  This can indicate a problem with stomach acids or gallbladder because this means you aren’t digesting fats well.  In fact, for me these were an indication that I had a gallbladder problem. I had to get it removed.

Green poop – Again green poop can indicate a problem with the gallbladder.  I also had this before getting my gallbladder removed.  It also means that things are moving through your system TOO fast.

Leftovers – You shouldn’t be able to look at your poop and see what you’ve eaten in the last 48 hours.  This can mean a few things – you aren’t chewing your food well enough, you don’t have enough stomach acid or you simply can’t tolerate that food.  If this happens, avoid foods like salads for a little while.  To get vegetables either cook them or even puree them.

Colorful Poop – You shouldn’t see mucus in your poop or in the toilet.  Nor should you see anything resembling mucus.  This means your intestines is inflamed and possibly even a GI infection. Sandy poop can also indicate a parasite, infection, food sensitivity or even colon cancer.  Consult a doctor right away if you have sandy poop.

Bloody Stools – Fresh bright blood is less of a problem and usually indicates hemorrhoids.  Talk to a doctor if it persists.  Black stools are more of a problem as this usually means there is blood deeper within.  See your doctor.

Again…I’m not a doctor.  But so many questions come up in Facebook Support Groups for IBS and people have called me with related questions that I thought I would provide this basic information.


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