When Tummy Troubles Attack

I have desperately been trying to do this FODMAP diet and doing pretty well. I feel less bloated.  My head feels less busy. I feel more hydrated.  But I am still having sharp stomach pains followed by an urgent need for the toilet.  I am going to wait this out until next week, but call my doctor next week if it doesn’t get better.  I had a doctors appointment for September,  but it got pushed back until late October.

As for the Botox. I have noticed that I have no low-grade headache today.  But i am dizzy as heck.  I am not sure if it’s migraine, hormonal or postural.  Either way it’s obnoxious. 

S has been working from home today which has been nice.  He made me a smoothie this morning and he even made a banana bunt cake.  He’s so talented!



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