Ejection and Injection: The Bowel ‘ s Movement

The doctor looked at me and said, “So today’s the big day.”

I looked at him and blurted,  “I don’t think I can do it. My stomach is a wreck.”

The last few days I have been really trying to eat cleanly.  But my stomach is still healing.  It will take time.

And either my bowels decided it was time to evacuate before the injection or I was scared “shitless” (and who wouldn’t be right before getting 31 shots in their face and neck) but on the way to the hospital my stomach started acting up.

S dropped me off by the door and I made a mad dash to the toilet.  Thankfully,  I was carrying my constant companion Immodium AD with me.  I joined Seiya in the Neurology waiting room before dashing off to the bathroom (a one person co-ed bathroom).  Word of Advice to the Man I Walked in On: Lock the door!

When I got back,  I was taken into the office where I told the neurologist I didn’t think I could do it.

He said,  “You are here.  The med is here. I won’t be here next week. I think the best thing to do is do it if you can.”

I asked, “How long does it take? ”

He said, “Five minutes. I will even play music for you.  What do you like? ”

‘What do I like? ‘ All I could think at that moment was John Denver. But I couldn’t admit it to him.  And there had to be something I liked besides John Denver.

Then he said,  “How about Enya?  Nice spa music.”

I smiled as I remembered listening to Enya in college with my best friend at that time,  Nikki. But it wasn’t some peaceful memory,  but us making up our own funny lyrics.

Then the doctor asked if I would like S. I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth.  “Yes, he’s got a very calming effect.”

S is loving.  S is kind. S is patient (and this is starting to sound like Corinthians 13) But he is a great many things.  Calming is not one of them.

Once Seiya came inside the doctor pricked me 31 times with a little needle – in my face,  behind my ears,  in my neck and in my shoulders. 

It felt like little scratching. A shorter duration, but sharper than when I got my tattoo.

It was over.

S. was so sweet and without even asking he offered to take me to Wegman’s for mochi balls. They are rice cake balls filled with pudding. We live 40 mins from Wegman’s so we only go when I go to the neuro.


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