Today is the Day

At 3:30 today,  Seiya is taking me to the neurologist at the hospital so he can inject me with Botox. I am nervous.  I know the needles they put in my neck are tiny and some people even say that if I can sit through getting a big tattoo that this will be a piece of cake. 

So it’s my second day on the FODMAP diet and besides feeling a little gassy my stomach is okay.  It is hard to know what to make.  I found a menu online and it’s okay.  The problem is it says to eat something once a week i.e. a sandwich with swiss cheese. What do I do with the leftover Swiss? Is there a reason I can’t eat more Swiss this week? I know I have to have a limited amount of dairy. Is Swiss twice in a week not okay?

On FODMAP,  my food is very limited.  My mom sent me a meme today with a plate full of ice and a joke about diets. Thankfully,  it is a little better than that.  Yesterday I had a banana, strawberry, spinach smoothie. Then turkey and swiss for lunch.  Then goldfish crackers and dinner was a little odd as I want extremely hungry,  but cantaloupe and a bowl of peas.

Also figured I would make this clear for anyone who thinks FODMAP is a great way to lose weight. Don’t do it! There are ways to lose weight without punishing yourself so harshly.   I mean this diet makes the Atkins diet look like a breeze.


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