Hoarding: So Much Crap




This is my room now.  There is so much stuff that it’s overwhelming.  I feel like my stuff will come alive and swallow me in one

It’s my stuff, his stuff and even stuff for our wedding on September 18th, 2017 that we recently were given for free that’s taking over this room.

I keep imagining we have a little earthquake – though they aren’t common here – and the boxes fall and bury me alive. 

I think stress of the move of living with S and more stressfully all his stuff,  my computer (which was on its last legs) finally quitting on me (and while I can get it fixed quite easily it will take time and my first ever round of Botox injections tomorrow stress is getting to me.

Last night at 4am, I lay awake with Katy Perry’s song,  “Wide Awake” going through my head.  I slept a total of two hours before I had to wake up to teach Korean students by phone (as the computer is dead)  I had nerve pain radiating into my left side, a migraine that was focused on one point and insomnia. 

I hope I am not about to have a large flare up like I did January to April. That was no fun. Though I see my neuro tomorrow so I may have some control over this and be able to nip it in the bud.


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