Love is…

Love is walking through Ikea for 2 hours the week before school starts because the apartment needs some storage for the shelves and your boyfriend loves Ikea.

Love is fighting through the crowds while your feet kill and you want to cut them off.

Love is your boyfriend massaging your feet because he knows you were a trooper today.

Love is your boyfriend going grocery shopping for the week when it’s your job because he knows you are out of spoons. (Units of ‘feel goodness.’)

Love is giving your boyfriend the last of your new-found favorite candy that is only sold at three stores in the U.S.

Love is asking your boyfriend, “Won’t our wedding be the best day of our lives because our journey together will begin then. ” and hearing him say, “No. The best day was the day I met you. That’s when our journey began.”

Love is seeing your boyfriend melt when you find the necklace you wore the day you met in a box.

This was all today.  Our first day living together.

We sound like two naive lovebirds who are oblivious to life’s challenges.  But one of the best things about being chronically ill is you have no doubt that they will take you in ‘sickness’ and health.  Seiya has seen me through three surgeries,  two where he anxiously waited in the waiting room, two hospital stays, many ER visits and many days where even getting out of bed was a success.


Me in the hospital after my heart cath. My face is funny as i was trying to take a selfie.


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