I have had IBS since I was about ten or eleven years old.  I may have had stomach problems even longer.  I can remember getting sick to my stomach after eating pizza a few times as a child and reacting to dairy (which we blamed on chocolate for years).

But it wasn’t until I moved to the city two years ago that I ever heard the word FODMAP. FODMAP stands for the ingredient I can’t have in foods.


On this diet I have to avoid: legumes, condiments, dips, sweets, sweeteners, some vegetables (cauliflower,  broccoli) meat (I am more sensitive than most so only chicken and fish), some fruits (peaches, watermelon,…), alcohol, apple and peach juices, dairy and some people (luckily not me) can’t have gluten. http://

As you can imagine,  sticking to this diet is extremely difficult. Doctors even realize is almost impossible to stick to. So I find it funny when people ask me,  “What can’t you eat?” or “What did you eat that upset your stomach? ” I can’t tell them in one quick minute what I can’t eat.  I also may have forgotten a food was on the extensive list and eaten it unknowingly.  For example,  my favorite way to make salmon is honey and soy sauce,  but I can’t have honey.  So unknowingly I was giving myself a good I couldn’t have thinking it was healthy.

Well, today I started on the FODMAP diet.  I fall off the bandwagon a lot.  And I just ate oatmeal with added brown sugar for breakfast.

I put things on this week’s shopping list that I barely know what they are because I have found a menu for foods or meals that include them.


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