Beginning a Journey Together

Seiya and our journey together starts tonight.  The wedding will  simply be a formal declaration and celebration of this.   We lived together before in a studio apartment and because I wasn’t working and he was working nights we were driving each other crazy.  We decided when we started dating again that we would wait a year to move in together.  And now we are a year and a half later and taking the plunge.  This time should be much better as we have more space, he’s not working nights and I’m working.  Also we have matured a lot since that time.  We entered the relationship last time with unrealistic expectations and this time were fully away of what we were getting into.

The hardest thing is going to be moving.  We have to move my stuff down the hall which shouldn’t be extremely difficult.   The only big things I really have are a bed and a desk and even the desk isn’t that bad. It’s not real wood. It’s from Ikea.  But I can’t move tons of things.  My back isn’t what it used to be.  Last night I tried to help Seiya wth ten boxes – I took the lighter 5 or so and couldn’t even get them all the way in the house without my back spasming.  I laid down and did stretches and tried to help again, but it wasn’t helping too much.

I recently heard that one of the most dangerous things in a house is a couch because of the amount of time we spend on it, and the lack of back support. It can lead to heart disease, diabetes, back issues, lack of exercise, obesity.  When Seiya and I get our own place i may opt to not have a couch for all those reasons.


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