The Wedding Chairs

chairI’m getting married September 18, 2017 to the most amazing man that I have EVER met. He is so thoughtful and kind and always looking out for me. I’m so excited about the wedding, but there’s one problem. I keep having this awful scenario play in my head because of my chronic illnesses.  I imagine that I am standing in front of the log-cabin chapel that we have reserved.  I am looking into his brown eyes and holding his small thick hands.   All eyes are on me. I’m sweating heavily.  The room is spinning and I have a gnawing pain in my stomach…

This scenario ends in one of two ways

A.) I run out to use the bathroom (Take a moment to imagine trying to use the bathroom in a long wedding dress.

B.) I pass out.  At what point do I wake up and actually get married.

I asked Seiya if we could have an interlude in the wedding in case I needed to make a mad dash to the bathroom.

Seiya responded, “Don’t worry. We’ll give you an anxiety pill and some Immodium AD.”

However, recently while searching at wedding pictures through Pinterest I came across a picture of two chairs in front of the church.  And I thought, “I’m less likely to faint if I’m sitting down and I have found that I can fight through cramping and urges to use the bathroom more easily when sitting.”

And Seiya and I have two special chairs.

I am only 4 foot 9. He is only 5 foot 2.  So when either of us sit in a chair our feet dangle.  A few months ago we went out for ice cream and on our way to get ice cream we stopped at a second hand store called – Boomerangs.  A certain percentage of the money goes to AIDS.

(This is the link to the store)

While there, Seiya and I saw two small wooden black chairs.  I sat in one and my feet very lightly touched the ground. He sat in one and his feet were firmly planted on the ground. We knew these chairs were made for us and they were only $5 a piece so we had to buy them. I think they’d be great for the wedding because of the story behind them.

I think for the wedding we could either strip them and paint them red or get two off white chair coverings and put a red bow on them.  Black is not one of our wedding colors.

Sometimes when you have a chronic illness those big moments in your life have to be altered some.  You might have to make some accommodations for your illness, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream. I could have a very small private wedding, but I’ve always dreamed of a middle-size wedding (about 120 people) and that is what I’m going to have. I just need to make it work.


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