Botox Injections and the Walk

Fake it til you make it.

I’m a fighter and always have been. As Seiya and I say, “I’m a trooper not a pooper.” Though let’s be honest, I’m both.  But I am not a party pooper. As long as I don’t feel harshly judged or attacked, I am not a party pooper.

Last night I had my first “down for the count” headache, but thankfully for me Excederin Migraine works. I know some with migraines are not so fortunate.  I have even heard of people writing scathing reviews to Excederin Migraine about how their product lies because it doesn’t help migraines. I don’t condone this behavior for two reasons. 1.) Scathing isn’t the answer and. 2.) Just because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others.

Anyway, when Seiya got home last night I ran excitedly to the door to greet him. I am like a puppy.  When people come home, I run to the door to greet them. This overwhelms some people.  But then I go and sit in my corner the rest of the night.  That’s exactly what I did last night after Seiya got home. Because I had a migraine.

This week because of stress and tapering off my med, my back has been tense and a migraine was simply bound to happen.

However soon I will be getting Botox. Botox has some pros and cons. Botox (with a few series of injections) can be highly effective at treating the migraines but there are potential side effects such as infection at the injection sites.  There are 10-20 pin pricking shots per session. Thankfully, I’m not too scared of needles – as long as I don’t see it enter the skin I’m good.  I have a rather large tattoo.

The downside is it takes 10-14 days for the first set of injections to work.  The possible side effects are stiffness in the neck, temporary muscle weakness and headache. Why does every headache relief option have headache as a side effect? It’s hard to tell if the med isn’t getting the pain or it is creating the pain.

I am nervous because getting rid of Botox side effects is not as easy as stopping a medication.

Later today I am going to go meet with the American Heart Association with my mother.  We are going to tell our story with heart defects.

My mother’s family has a long line of heart problems that we have traced as far back as the 1860’s.  My mother was born with a heart problem.  She knew she had a small problem, but didn’t know the severity until she had children.  My oldest sister, Rachel, was a perfectly healthy baby.  My brother,Jay, seemed healthy – minus a few quirks when he was born, but he died suddenly when he was 8 months old.  The doctors said it was SIDS.  My sister, Becky, was born and aside from sleep apnea she showed no signs of heart or breathing problems.  Then I was born and from birth it was obvious I had trouble. I wasn’t breathing when I was born and then wasn’t nursing well and turning blue.  I had aortic stenosis and pulmonary stenosis. I had my first heart surgery at ten days.  I had a second at four months.  That was a difficult surgery. I went into cardiac arrest, needed a blood transfusion and they had to temporarily shut off the oxygen to my brain.  They weren’t sure how shutting off the oxygen would affect my brain.  It seems to have had minimal effect (ADHD type symptoms)  The 69 days between my second and third surgery were spent in ICU.  After my third surgery, I began to rapidly improve.  I twas during this time that I was sick that my mother did some research and calling of doctors and discovered that while my mother had been told that my brother died of SIDS, he had actually died from an undiagnosed heart problem. Besides two balloon catheters my heart has been healthy otherwise.  My mother however has undergone two heart surgeries since the time I was sick. One when I was seven and one a little over a year ago.   I am walking this year for my mom, my brother and me.

I am meeting with the American Heart Association to tell them this story.  We are meeting at a restaurant.  Going to a restaurant is a challenge for me.  It’s hard to know what I can and can’t eat. I used to LOVE to go out and eat. It was one of my favorite things to do.  I even once started a blog where Seiya and I went out and tried different ethnic cuisines, but since I got my gallbladder out two years ago it’s really been a challenge.  So this should be interesting.

Guess I tied three out of four of my illnesses into this blog. I hope it’s not too scattered.


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