Amazing Weekend

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling tingly all over my body – an awkward pasty tingle with an awful headache – and for a bit I thought attending my camps 100th birthday was out of the question.  My boyfriend, Seiya, suggested that we stay home.  But after laying on the couch and pitying myself for about five minutes I said – NO! We are going!  He said that if at any time I wanted to go home – even on the car ride up we could turn around.  We went.  I got to camp and felt tired and dizzy and spacy, but NOTHING was going to keep me away from making the best of this day.

Camp is nestled along the coast of Maine in a small little town called Ocean Park.  I spent 6 summers there at a camp called Oceanwood.  Five of the summers were as part of a program called Christian Youth Conference (it was celebrating 100 years) one was as staff at Oceanwood.

So there I was in Ocean Park feeling awful, but I ventured down to get ice cream with Seiya.  We got ice cream and headed to the beach.  We sat in the sand as a storm was rolling in.  Seiya kept talking about how this place had special meaning to me and how I was so relaxed there. It is true.  Then he started talking to me as he intentionally was staring in my eyes. We had talked about him proposing here.  I was sure it was going to happen any moment especially when I said, “We should leave. There’s a storm coming.” and he said, “Sit with me a little longer.”  My heart was starting to race and I was growing impatient.

But alas ‘no.;   He said he was just trying to communicate with me effectively like we had done in a communications class. With his permission, I have already bought my wedding dress, he is soon putting down on a venue (soon as in tomorrow.)

After we went to the beach, we drove over to a golf course where the 100th birthday gala was being held.  I saw so many people that I had known in high school.  I sometimes feel pathetic because I don’t work, but I’m one that no matter how others accept me – will always be me.  Sometimes to a fault.  Well, I told people about how I had been sick, but worked online. I was shocked at how people were so amazed that I have a job I can do from my couch.  It is quite nice. I won’t lie.  Though I feel like I deserve it after all I put into my education.  Anyway, we sat with a guy I knew from camp, Matt, who is a photographer and had always wanted to use for our wedding.  As Seiya and I have pushed off our wedding date, seriously you’d think he’d propose by now, we decided we could afford to use him as our photographer.  Matt also took a really good picture of us at the gala.

We left a little early so that today we could go to western Massachusetts to visit with my sister and nephews at her in-laws. It was my nephew’s first birthday.  My sister has bravely been fighting cancer.  It really puts my heath issues in perspective.  She’s a warrior.  I’m simply an occasional fighter.  We were supposed to meet my mom and other sister and drive over together, but my stomach was killing.  I ate too much at the gala so when I already have IBS that wreaks havoc on my life daily so you can imagine it wasn’t exactly fun.  After my stomach settled a little, Seiya and i drove out there.

We came home exhausted.  I was supposed to meet up with a student online, but it didn’t happen.  I think there was a miscommunication.

Anyway, time to go to bed and start a new week. Seiya is already in bed.  .


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