– Another One Bites the Dust

My computer died . My sole source of income.  No!!!

My poor sweet boyfriend  almost got devoured this morning by a monster that had temporarily possessed me.  I didn’t sleep well last night because i was achy and twitchy and when i woke up to teach my lesson I got the blue screen of death. When you work online that BSOD (Blue screen of death) is even more critical than when you simply use it mostly for leisure.  No!

Thank God for my cell phone.  I was able to teach on my cell phone.  However,  I wasn’t able to do anything fun. We just talked.  No games,  no songs for the little ones and no reading 😦  Though let’s be honest,  it is a pretty sweet gig – getting paid to sit on the couch and talk. It doesn’t pay tons,  but something is better than nothing.  Am I right or am I right?

Due to a stressful morning my stomach is a little upset. Once it settles I am going to go to the Food Stamps office and apply for stamps. Then visit a friend – my best friend from the job I had until about February when my health got worse. I worked there a year and a half.  I went back for 8 weeks this summer,  but it took a lot out of me and to be honest it wasn’t the place it had once been.  Anyway,  she’s out on maternity leave.

I actually want to organize a game night with my friends from work.  Only thing about it is I get sick.  Last game night I had I was not feeling well and trying to keep it on the DL because it was a girl problem (exacerbating my symptoms). I was about to make tea to help settle things and my boyfriend is like – why do you need tea?  We have perfectly good drinks here.  And I was like – I just do, honey.  And he kept asking and finally I was like – I don’t feel  well. I am crampy – and ran off to the bathroom.  Thank God the only one there was this pretty relaxed friend,  Matt.

Anyway,  time to eat.


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